Our Care Quality Commission feedback

Your assurance of quality of care

These are from a number of surveys returned to the Care Quality Commission from people who use VersaCare, including relatives, care staff, and a care manager.

The last inspection and report was in 2020, and since then remote inspections have all been positive.

You can download a copy of our CQC report here.

We pride ourselves on our excellent report from the CQC, and consistently ‘Good’ rating.

“Their clients have been very happy with the service provided from the start. There is good communication between service providers, clients, advocates and social services when needed.”

“VersaCare always listen to me about my needs and opinions.”

“They are always courteous and friendly, they provide me with carers who they know will suit me.”

“They are able to liaise closely with the agency, the agency works hard to put the right support in place and the agency works hard to modify and update care plans as needed.”

“They had no complaints about the agency, if there was a problem the agency would rectify it as soon as possible.”

“VersaCare do a good job and provide caring people.”

“The agency is up to date with all of my training. They visit or call me to check that everything is alright, they provide everything I need.”

“The agency visits people when there is a need. The agency should continue to train carers in new skills so that they can offer better care to people.”

“Relatives of a person who uses the service told us “the service has made a big difference to ours and our sons lives, he is well supported by the service and is much more independent, we are very happy with the service”.

“People told us that they knew who to speak to if they had any cause to complain. One person told us, “I can call the office if I have a complaint and I know they would do something about it”.

“Care staff told us they had regular supervision and had received lots of training. They told us they were very well supported by the managers and they felt very happy to work for the service”.

“On 23rd January 2012 we checked this standard and found that this care service was meeting it”.

“Our judgement was: The service involves people who use the service and those that are close to them in their care. People have their care needs fully assessed prior to the service starting and are actively involved in the process. This ensures that the service will be suitable and able to meet their needs and expectations”.