Supported Living

Independent living with live-in care

Live-in care for people with physical and/or mental disabilities enabling them to live more independently.

Supported living for those with mental or physical disabilitiesWith supported living, people have much more freedom to make decisions about the way they live their lives, and participate in activities they enjoy.

Supported living enables adults with support needs to live in their own home with the help they need to be independent.


We currently provide live-in support for many young people with physical and mental disabilities, within a supported living environment in the community, working with other agencies and Housing associations.

The specialist Service we provide consists of any or all of the following:

  • Understanding body language
  • Communicating using picture symbols
  • Prompting and support with cooking and domestic work such as laundry, shopping, cleaning
  • Accompanying day centre activities, hobbies and outings
  • Documents (such as complaints and quality assurance surveys) with pictures and symbols (makaton)
  • Attending meetings and reviews
  • Reablement and Respite Care
We can also offer support through Reablement and Respite Care.

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VersaCare is a friendly Care Agency specialising in highly personalised 24 hour Live-In Care, across the UK, with local Care Managers. We pride ourselves on our flexible, friendly but professional Live-in service offered to our clients and our highly trained workers.

We strive always to attract the best, most qualified staff and provide superior levels of service. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive, competitive and flexible Live-in service to clients and care workers, whilst striving to achieve excellence in customer service and satisfaction.

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