Please take a look at our Values and Mission Statement – this is what our company aspires to be and we are proud of our drive and passion to be a service that is synonymous with exceptional care, delivered by exceptional staff who feel valued and supported.

Mission Statement

To provide empowering, safe, quality care in a respectful and compassionate way and to achieve positive outcomes for the individuals we support.

To support the staff we employ in diverse, empowering and inclusive ways. To promote their success and work together as a united team towards a shared vision and objectives.


To be the service provider of choice with services synonymous with safe, high standard, compassionate care.


Integrity – Feel safe, admit to faults. See it, say it, do it! Be dependable be transparent, be somebody you would like to know!

Respect – No judgment! Be kind and genuine. Respect other people’s wishes and beliefs. Appreciate the life story of others. Treat others as you would want to be treated.

Communication – Be honest and open, even when it’s difficult. Be clear and communicate in diverse ways so as not to exclude anyone. Appreciate that everyone has a valid opinion. Encourage inclusive environments.

Empowerment – Equipping, supporting and trusting all staff and clients. Encourage self expression and champion individuality.

Dignity – Feel safe to do and say the things you like to do without judgment. Be respected as an individual.

Positivity – Improving, learning and growing. Create environments that make people smile. See the best in others and be the best version of yourself. Be the reason that someone believes in the goodness of people. Be a champion of diversity and equality. Want the best and strive to achieve it!


Empowered clients, maintaining maximum independence with positive and meaningful life outcomes, achieved in the comfort and familiarity of their home and community.

Happy, well trained and well supported staff that enjoy working for Versacare and feel valued.