I have worked in the care sector since 2009. I have overseen care for a range of needs from learning disabilities to elderly with dementia to young people from abusive backgrounds. I am responsible for overseeing the allocation of care staff for clients as well as supporting care managers and supervisors with a range of care provision needs. I really enjoy my diverse role and my experience and progression in lots of different care roles has given me the skills and knowledge to support all our clients and staff.

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What people are saying about Versacare 24 hour Live-in care

(Family have) praised D for her excellent work at JW’s. Saying she is one in a million and cannot do enough for her dad.

Hi M (carer), family have described you as a perfect match for their mum and said that you are patient and caring.  They also said that if ever there are any issues these are quickly resolved.

Family called to inform us that GB passed away yesterday. He thanked Versacare for the excellent care we have provided for her over the years. He said that O was like family and loved GB like her own mother. He also says that T had been his rock through this difficult time.

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