The information below is intended to help you find out which benefits you may be entitled to claim. It is not a guide to the benefits themselves. If you are an older person or an adult with a disability, you may qualify for more than one benefit, especially if you have low savings and income. Whilst we do our best to be current with information, we cannot guarantee it is accurate.

You may be able to apply for any of the following benefits in your own right. Click on the links to find out more:

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NB: These benefits can also be applied for by adults without disabilities.

Is the money paid directly to me?

The money can be paid to you directly, or to someone of your choice who can help to look after it for you . You will then be in a position to buy-in the care of your choice If you prefer, the local authority’s Care Manager can use your personal budget to arrange the services of your choice.

What can I spend it on?

You are allowed to spend the allocation on any reasonable means of enhancing your wellbeing, this will have been set out in the Support Plan.

The Personal Budgets are to be used to pay for care and help in the home. You can choose who you employ.

The Local Authority will keep a list of Approved Providers who have been vetted. Alternatively all providers are registered with the Care Quality Commission, and their latest report and rating can be checked here.

Anything it can't be used for?

At present, personal budgets are not awarded to people in residential care, but that is under review and could change.

Can you clarify what personal care is?

You are entitled to financial help if you are assessed as requiring personal care:

• Washing and dressing
• Eating and drinking
• Mobilising
• Continence